Still LIfes is a portfolio I started to paint at the 90's. My iconography as a painter combines as well other types of portfolios at the same time. Like Planisphaerium. Anthopomorphical Landscapes etc.


This is a variaty of paintings Still Lifes located in different places mostly USA and Spain.

Still Lifes in several locations in USA private homes: Long Island New York. Buffalo, NY. Atlanta, GA.Ashville, NC. Virginia VA.

and in Barcelona, Spain

1-Buffalo, NY

2-Ashville, NC. 3-Ashville, NC. 4-Barcelona, Spain. 5-Buffalo, NY. 6-Buffalo,NY.


7-Viginia, VA. 8-Buffalo, NY. 9-Buffalo, NY




10- Buffalo, NY. 11-Long Island, New York. 21-Buffalo, NY. 13-Barcelona, Spain. 14-Atlanta, GA.