Still Lifes painted in Buffalo, Barcelona and Atlanta. Acrylic on paper. 30x22"


Painting in Location.

1-Bananas and Pears. 2-Big Guitar. 3-Spring Flowers and Glasses. 4- Magnolia Flower Atlanta. 5- Orquids and Pears. 6- Composition and Fruits. 7-Flowers and Sextant

8-Flowers Tangerines and Wine. 9-Flowers and Bananas. 10-Flowers Wine and Big Jar. 11-Magnolia and two Jars. 12- Flowers and Otanges. 13- Greek Vases and Fruit. 14-Tangerines and Wine.




15-Tulips and Pears. 16-Vases. 17-Wine Glasses and Flowers. 18-Glasses Wine and Jars. 19-Wine and Oranges.


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