Baptisferio. Mixed med. on paper. 40x28"

Urbanitas et orbanita. Mix med.paper. 40x28"

Grial. Mix. med on canvas. 58x45"

Totem et orbi. Mix. med on canvas. 58x45"

Oracolos. Mix med.paper. 40x28"

Urbi et orbe 11. Mix med /canvas. 58x45"

Urbi et orbe XXI. Mix med.paper. 40x28"

Urbanitas et orbanitas.Mix med.paper. 40x28"

Urbi et orbe 232.Mix med.paper. 40x28"


The paintings:

Grial. Mixed media/canvas. 58x46"
Totem et orbi. Mixed m./canvas. 58x46"
Urbi et orbe 11. Mixed m./canvas. 58x46"

are not available because they were provably stolen by Gallery Art-Work
Toni Van Schaik was the director of that gallery that person has disappeared-
The gallery was located in Barcelona C/ Paradis n.3. until may 2006.
If someone knows something about the paintings
contact the painter, please.